People ask me all the time what I'm listening to.
Here's my answer today.


Sigur Ros is a band from Iceland who makes some of the most beautiful music.
It's primarily instrumental I would say.
Sometimes Jonsi sings in Icelandic... and sometimes he sings in his made up language.
I'm serious. Check it out. It just came out, and it's brilliant.


Trent is originally from Jackson, MS... Where I'm from.
He moved to Nashville and has become one of my favourite singer/songwriters.
His new album (which I didn't even know was coming out until Tuesday) is fantastic.
He never disappoints, honestly. Check out his older catalogue too.


I was connecting with Brian Ortize, the worship leader out at Reality LA probably over a year ago, and he asked me if I had ever heard of this "Nathan Finochio" guy. He had just worked on my friend, Maggie Eckford's record, and I was excited for Brian to send me his new worship stuff. He did and I haven't really stopped listening to it. It's fresh. You should really check out The Royal Royal. It's Nathan and his brother, Gabriel. They know what they are doing.


Hillsong United is probably the single most creative and influential worship team on the planet right now. We lead a ton of this stuff at Highpoint. Not only did this record come jam packed with two CDs full of songs from the past 10 years, but it also came with a fantastic DVD. I'm a big fan of this stuff penetrating the walls of our houses. If you have kids, buy this record, play the DVD, and let music worship be a part of the culture of your home.


Dent is also from Jackson, MS originally. In high school, he had a band called 'The Rockwells.' They were pretty beachy and I loved it. His new record is completely beachy and hip too. I'm not sure about the content, but if you're at the pool this summer, there is probably not a better record to put on.

All records are available on iTunes. Show your love.
Posted by Josh Maze at 10:46 AM