So sad that the bad weather has forced us to postpone the team night until next Friday, March 13.

Here are the Top 5 Things you can do now that your night just got freed up!

#5   :::   Clean out your closet.

It doesn't feel like Spring, but it's here. Time to do a little Spring Cleaning! 
Once you get that trash bag full of stuff you're not wearing anymore, give it to someone who would love it.
You can give em to a friend who is the same size, or you can drop em off at Goodwill on Monday!

If you're looking for a little extra cash, drop em off at Beacon's Closet! 
Simplify. Downsize. Feel good about your closet.

#4   :::   Invite that neighbor that you never see over for dinner.

You know, that family - or that couple - or that single guy/girl...
That you always MEAN to invite over for dinner.

Well, you're night just opened up. Be bold. It won't be awkward.
Just turn on some music. Cook something easy.
Watch how God opens up opportunity for real life conversation and community.

#3   :::  Eat BBQ

The amazing thing about being iced in in Memphis is... No matter where you live, there is an amazing BBQ joint in your neighborhood! May I suggest the dry spice wings at Central. UNBELIEVABLE.

#2   :::   Watch a great film

One of my favorite films of last year was The Hundred-Foot Journey. At PG, it's clean for the whole family.
It promotes following your dreams, the importance of family, and the art of food.
You can rent it on iTunes for $5.99.
If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor! Great film!

#1   :::   Watch the Grizz beat the Lakers

Tickets on Stubhub right now are starting at $22.00.

Grit. Grind. Grizz.

Posted by Josh Maze at 1:04 PM