10: The Mall 

The mall is normally in people's Top 10 things they hate about Christmas. NOT ME. I love the mall around Christmas time. Everyone is on their A Game. Everything is clean. Everything is decorated. It smells good. The windows are festive. The employees are donning Santa hats and Reindeer Antlers. It's hilarious and awesome! The crowds of people are crazy, but I love it. I tend to not get dragged down into it because it's people watching at it's best. I love the mall. 

9: Turkey 

Deep fry that sucker and point me to the couch for my number 8. 

8: James Bond Marathon on TV

Let's face it. Bond is the best. I've seen every Bond film multiple times, but they just don't get old. And if I've had enough turkey, I might even make it through Lazenby's "Her Majesty's Secret Service." 

7: Shooting Guns 

My wife's cousin has a Luger that is so fun to shoot. We always spend a fair amount of time in the country around Christmas. Buy some targets from Bass Pro & go. Wide open. 

6: Cups 

Our families live in / around Jackson, Mississippi. One of the best things about Jackson is Cups coffee shop! As we're riding around, or going back and forth to and from our family's homes, you'll always find me with a Cups Cup in my hand. 

5: Shopping for Stacie

I love getting things for my wife! Clothes, bags, & shoes are fun and easy. But I always like to try to really surprise her with something special or one of a kind. A dog, concert tickets, a trip, a painting, etc… She's the best. I love shopping for her. And she loves it when I shop for her. Works out quite nice, doesn't it? 

4: Taking my Truck out to go get our Tree

Need I say more? 

3: The Christmas SNL Episode 

Whether it's Martin Short and Paul McCartney or Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake… It's always my favorite SNL of the year. Make some cookies. Pot of coffee. Big sweater. The smell of the tree. The twinkle of the lights. And laughing with your family and friends. Does not get any better! 

2: Christmas Vinyl 

You kinda only get to pull these out once a year. Bing Crosby's Christmas album never sounds better than on vinyl in my living room between Dec 1 & Dec 25. 

1: Spending time with My Family / Mamaw 

She's the sweetest woman in the world. Last year we took a long car ride together. She's almost deaf, so I was able to turn up Elvis as loud as I wanted to. We both sang and laughed and it was the highlight of my Christmas. If any your Grand Parents are still living, don't be short-sited. Cherish them. Love them. Honor them. Create memories. Merry Christmas!

Posted by Josh Maze at 10:18 AM