THIS IS REVIVAl * A Listener's Guide


If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably already listened to the album This Is Revival or at least experienced some of these songs in a service. But if you haven’t and need a few reasons to give it a listen,
I’ll offer my thoughts:

Revival must happen in real time and space.

It’s a “live” album. But it doesn’t sound like a singular recording of one service or event. I would consider it a compilation of live worship moments with a studio quality mix to give a clean presentation to the music. The sound has both power and space so you’re able to hear it as people worshipping God instead of some sterile performance of a worship song.

Revival is not a solo project.

Another aspect of this album that stands out is the diversity of players that are featured. Different lead vocalists are featured throughout the album so it’s not just a Josh Maze album. It’s a Highpoint album that stands as a testament to Josh’s ability to assemble and lead a team to collaborate and execute this vision.

Revival means we celebrate (and celebrating is fun).

Musically, some of more interesting moments occur when the synths are brought to the forefront. A song like This Is Revival has the audacity to suggest that revival might look like a bunch of kids bouncing around to EDM music. Worship should be serious fun.  

Revival doesn’t shy from struggle.

There’s an unapologetic youthful energy throughout the album. But there are lyrical moments in tracks like Greater and To Be Honest that acknowledge that we don’t always feel invited to the party. Then worship becomes a choice. Sometimes we need to sing lines like this until we believe it.

You’re greater in my struggles

You’re greater in my tears

You’re greater in my weakness

You’re greater in my fear

You’re greater in my sorrow

You’re greater in my pain

To Be Honest takes up that challenge of worshipping when we don’t feel like it even more explicitly. It’s a song that knows that those exuberant feelings towards God celebrated in many of the previous tracks aren’t always there and to be honest, I wish worship music would go there more often (and Bono agrees).

I hope Josh and the team will continue find ways to push past both musical and emotional comfort zones as I’m confident our God will be big enough to meet us there.

* Matt Waits - Sound Summit - Memphis, TN

Posted by Josh Maze at 6:38 PM