"Are you going to church this week?"
"What time does worship start?"
"Church was great yesterday!"
"Our kids love the childcare at church!"

I could go on and on with things I hear almost every single day.
I'm not complaining. I promise. I'm not. But, I cringe a little every time I hear this stuff.

It's not because I'm legalistic and want everyone to say the PERFECT THING.
No way. I just think that if we really got down to it, this terminology is telling.

My dad always says "You do what you believe. Everything else is just talk."
I think you also SAY what you believe.
There's a possibility that if you are saying that worship starts at 9:00 & 10:45, then you don't get it.

Church doesn't last 1 hour & 20 min. The service does. We ARE the church.
Allow me to take one moment to coach us through this.

"Are you going to church this week?"
"Are you going to Highpoint this week?" or "Are you going to a service this weekend?"
Principle: The church started a long time ago. Highpoint is only one part of the Body of Christ.

"What time does worship start?"
"What time do the services start on Sunday?" or "When does Highpoint gather for corporate worship?"
Principle: Worship is a lifestyle. Private worship precedes public worship. Worship can be and should be 24/7.

"Church was great yesterday!"
"God really moved yesterday during the service!" or "I love Highpoint. It's amazing what The Lord is doing."
Principle: We can not elevate an experience or a personality over Christ. It's all about Jesus.

"Our kids love the childcare at Highpoint!"
"Our kids are learning so much in HPKids. They love it." or "The Kids Ministry at Highpoint is fantastic!"
Principle: We don't provide Childcare. We provide Kids Ministry. We are about discipleship. 

PLEASE Don't feel the need to walk on eggshells around me as if you'll say the wrong thing. Just consider this an encouragement to think about what you say. God is worthy of that. I truly believe that if Highpoint alone in the city of Memphis was proactive to start using appropriate terminology, that we could be a catalyst in this city that could eventually change the way people live their lives. I don't want anyone to think that they are only supposed to worship once a week. We must teach these principles. We must coach our brothers and sisters through this. This is worthy to talk about! Please leave a comment to let me know what you think!

Posted by Josh Maze at 10:47 AM