I've been wanting to highlight the three attributes of a great team member for awhile now. Then I realized, there's no better way to do that than just to spotlight a member of our team! Ladies and Gentlemen... 

Spence Bell.

Spence is married to Jenny, and they have two precious kids. He is currently finishing up Law School. Spence embodies all three characteristics of a great worship team member. Here we go:


Attitude is everything. We hear that all the time. It really is huge. Spence is a great example of a great attitude. Our Sunday AM call times tend to be super early. Heck, I understand why someone may or may not have the best attitude at 6AM! But Spence does... without fail. He smiles. Calls you by name. Makes eye contact. He's a gentleman. A good attitude is contagious. I think Spence gets that.


Spence plays keys for us on Sunday mornings. He's a great player and thinker. He takes the time to work out really cool tones and parts. It's crucial that you know your role in creating the worship environment. He is basically the glue that holds all of our transitions together. He's played for years, and it's evident that he cares about not only creating great music/art, but also creating an excellent worship environment that points people to The Lord in everything we do.


To my knowledge, I'm not sure Spence has ever not led worship with us if he was rostered. Every single time he is rostered, he shows up ready to go. You have to be available. If you have a great attitude and major ability, but can't seem to show up, then you really aren't that valuable of a team player. Spence is valuable. He's there. He's engaged. He's available.

Spence, thanks for being a team player. Thanks for being great at what you do.
We love you and your family. 

Posted by Josh Maze at 12:05 PM