I love Highpoint Culture. One of the coolest things about coming to a service at Highpoint is the electricity in the air before a service. Do we have those days where things seems to be a bit sleepy or dreary? Sure. But 99% of the time, people are so excited to be there, and you can just sense in the room that there is expectation for God to move. While people are walking in to our services, we typically have fun music going in the room (Phoenix, Michael Jackson, Young & Free, etc...) and on the screens will be our PSAs (Pre Service Announcements). These PSAs will consist of a welcome piece, the branding for the current series, information on upcoming events, social media info, etc... Then about 6 min before the service starts, we'll typically jump into HPNews. These quick News Segments are no longer than 2 mins. We promote upcoming events, welcome everyone, set a few expectations, etc... HERE ARE A COUPLE EXAMPLES OF THE NEWS.

Then... One of my favorite parts of our service... 

THE PRE-ROLL. We've been doing these for several years now. We play them at every single service at both campuses. They're 4 min long, and ramp right in to the first song. We just launched a new PRE-ROLL. So I decided to put all three versions of our PRE-ROLL up on the blog in one post. I think you'll enjoy watching them, seeing how we've changed / grown... and get a good feel for who we are. CHECK EM OUT!


PRE-ROLL 2013 / 2014

PRE-ROLL 2011 / 2012

Posted by Josh Maze at 3:30 PM