Let me start by clarifying that this is not a negative post.
Actually, it's quite the opposite.
It's a positive post! I'm a positive guy - and this post should only reflect that!

I am not originally from Memphis, TN, but having lived here over 5 years now, it is home. I love it. I live in 38122. Yes, within the city limits of Memphis. Being a Pastor and a traveler, I meet people all the time - people from Memphis & people not from Memphis. It's often shocking and close to offensive when people assume that when I say "I live in Memphis" that I really mean "I live in a suburb of Memphis." 

"Oh!" They say... "Memphis? So... do you live in Germantown? Collierville?"
"No ma'am. I live in Memphis. And guess what!? I love it! It couldn't be better!" 

The next beat of this conversation is equally as shocking. Once they find out that I actually live in Memphis, they then assume that it's dangerous, sad, and that I hate it. Why do people assume that Memphis sucks?

Memphis. doesn't. suck.

I understand that the politics are crazy... & I understand that there are issues with the school system that are bizarre, tough, and unfortunate, but that's not what I hear about. What I always hear about is the CRIME.

Let me drop a quick statistic on you. 90% of violent crime that happens in Memphis happens between two people that know each other. 90% of that 90% happens between two people that are related to each other. Now - I'm no anthropologist, social economist, or mathematician, but it seems to me like there's a simple equation here.

I hate long blog posts, so let me just wrap this thing up with a couple of bullet point suggestions to us all:

+ Don't assume that people don't thoroughly enjoy living in the city that they live in.
(After all, it's less about the local attractions, and more about the people you do life with.)

+ Be positive... Especially if you are a Christian.
(We - as Highpoint - Choose a Redemptive View of Memphis.
I think this is more than a healthy idea. I think it's a mandate.)

+ If you still think there's nothing to do in Memphis, you are a crazy person under a sad & cold rock.
(There are people right now in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, London, & New York City eating Easy Mac by themselves. This, at the end of the day is their choice. This at the end of the day, is your choice.)

+ Do not publicly degrade Memphis.
(If you have a social media account, please do not trash talk Memphis (or any other city) on that public forum. After all, you're talking about my home... and that's just rude.)


Posted by Josh Maze at 4:43 PM