At Highpoint, we believe God is Creator God - the ultimate Creative.
Therefore, we put a lot into making our Highpoint World excellent, & attractive.

Our Three Core Illuminants are Humility, Honor, & JESUS.
We walk humbly before The Lord - Grateful for the Cross.
We walk humbly with one another - Longing to serve & not be served.
We long to honor God with our excellence, our environments, our attitudes, and our hearts.
We long to honor one another with professionalism, love, & kindness.
We live to represent Jesus Christ in everything we do.

This is the Highpoint Church Creative Team

NIKKI MCVAY  |  Creative Team Leader

Nikki manages everything creative. We have a ton going on constantly. Print pieces, videos, sermon series, Holy Week, advertizing, campaigns, worship services, etc... She has the privilege of managing it all. She's the boss. We don't know how she does it, but it has something to do with SmartSheets... and she makes us breakfast. :)

JOSH MAZE  |  Worship Pastor + Creative Director

As Worship Pastor, my role is to lead our Creative Team to create worship services that prove that Love Works and Jesus is King! I've been so disobedient over the past few years by keeping too busy (doing creative stuff) and not prioritizing being a pastor & writing songs. Nikki is helping me prioritize that time! My role as Creative Director is more or less a consultant role... Swing in, evaluate, dream, tweak, adjust, and let the team do what they do best!

TYLER STEVENSON  |  Collierville Worship Pastor

We are so excited to announce that Tyler's role is now officially Highpoint Collierville's Worship Pastor! It's the coolest & craziest thing that our body is big enough that there are now TWO campuses & TWO worship pastors! Amazing. Tyler's obvious skills are his obnoxiously good voice & good looks. His lesser known skills consist of: graphic design, building anything, reckless driving, & breaking things. My favorite thing about him is how much he loves Jesus. Period.

SHELBY BLANK  |  Guest Services Coordinator

Shelby is a firework explosion in the middle of a rain storm. That's why she's over Guest Services. We say it everywhere... "WELCOME HOME". Shelby and her team are in charge of making it feel like home (Heaven) from the time you get out of your car to the time you get back in your car. Shelby is the reason there is always good, hot coffee on campus. What would we do without coffee? What would we do without Shelby? She's the best. I love Shelby.

JOE URCAVICH  |  Chief Cinematographer 

This past Sunday, there were 8 videos in each of our services, including 4 Going Publics (Baptism Testimonies). So, let's just say, not only is Joe the Veteran on the Creative Team, he's also often MVP. Highpoint wouldn't be Highpoint without our stories. Joe tells those stories. I call him our Going Public pastor. You should too. His ideal afternoon is hanging by the pool, listening to Rooney, post Packers win, getting ready to put on his velvet blazer and go see some beautiful foreign film at the Ridgeway 4. Joe's one of my personal heroes. 

JENNA LINDSEY  |  Resources Coordinator

Jenna is a new member of the Creative Staff, but a long time servant and friend. We're so grateful that she has come in to manage and coordinate all of our Highpoint resources. Shirts, CDs, Books, etc... It's a full on store, and it's time it's ran like a full on store! Thank God for Jenna. She's also an amazing artist, a mother of 2 boys, a health nut, and a cancer survivor... so she's basically a better human being than you. 

MELISSA WADSWORTH  |  Communications Director

You. can't. imagine. what all has to be communicated around here. We've needed Melissa for years, and we're so stoked to have her on the team and in this position. It's a massive role, and if Melissa can't do it, then nobody can. Spoiler alert: She's working on a new site right now for us that is completely next level. She loves the Grizz, and her favorite bands are Lucero & The National, so she's basically the best possible fit for this team... for a girl. ;)

DAVID TIGRETT  |  Chief Graphic Designer + Music Director

I met David when he was in the 7th grade girls choir. They were nice and changed the name to "Tenor Choir" to make him feel less awkward about his middle school scheduling conflicts. We became friends while listening to Tim Reynolds guitar solos in the JFK airport in NYC. We've always been in step creatively. Whether it's graphic design or music, I trust him more than just about anyone in the world with this stuff. He's been on the team for 5 years now, and is responsible for all the best looking stuff. He's always been a little bit more into pop punk than I'm comfortable with, but he had to rebel from that girls choir thing, right?

WES SISK  |  Environment Director

Wes may be the newest member to the staff, but he's served at Highpoint longer than any of us. He's been taking things to the next level as a volunteer year after year. Wes not only looks over AVL for all campuses, but also manages our relationships with our architects and contractors as we will continue to make all of our campuses look and feel more like home. Wes is one of the smartest guys I know. So honored to be his friend. You won't see him playing bass anymore except when he plays with our band Junior Year. It's kinda a real band - kinda not - but he's definitely a real bass player, and definitely our full time Environment Director. Thank God. Wes rules.

Not Pictured: Joel Tyler  |  Video Assistant

Joel was last seen in a kayak - wearing a bandana - laughing to himself about something he saw on the Andy Griffith show. The nicest guy in the universe. Hands down.

Posted by Josh Maze at 3:49 PM