Ladies and Gentlemen... Joe Urcavich.

Not only is Joe one of my best friends in the world, but he is the backbone of our creative team/creative staff. Joe initially came on staff to be the "Connect Guy" but quickly realized that there were stories to be told. He put his "Yes." on God's table, and he's been our Media Director ever since. Here's the thing about most Camera Guys, Editors, Creatives, etc... You put them behind their camera or computer and BAM! Great... done... stay there... do your job. But not Joe. This year Joe has not only filmed and edited over 100 Going Public testimonies... but he's counselled and loved people through their entire baptism process. This dude isn't just a camera guy... editor... no. He's a pastor. He loves well. He's patient. He's kind. He gets it. He learns your name and prays for you. And because of his heart for the Lord & people, we are able to be one of the best 'Story Telling Churches' in the world.

Revelation 12:11 says
"They overcame him (the Enemy) by the blood of The Lamb (Jesus) and the word of their testimony."

Because of Joe helping tell these stories... well... people go from disobedient and defeated to over-comers.
This is a big deal.

Take a moment and send Joe a short email thanking him...
Take a moment to pray for him, Sherri, Alex, Trey, and their baby on the way...
Stop by to see the hundreds of Going Publics that Joe has filmed and edited.

Joe, thank you for everything. Seriously.

Posted by Josh Maze at 3:52 PM