10 Things I absolutely Adore about my Valentine, Mrs. Stacie Maze

10. She's patient with me when no one else would be.

9. The later it gets, the more she speaks with a British accent.

8. She loves to travel, and will say "YES!" to any opportunity - at any time - to get out of town.

7. She's the most beautiful woman in the world, but still doesn't know it.

6. She loves our dog, Zane 'Steve Mcgarrett' Maze, almost more than I do.

5. Every Saturday, she's up early to spend quality discipleship time with a single mom or a young lady.

4. Sometimes... when I come home, I find her listening to The Pixies. (That's undeniably sexy)

3. She's a great friend to her friends. She opens her home and hosts like a true Miss Hospitality.

2. She's as stubborn as a Mexican ox. This is the only kind of woman I could successfully spend my life with.

1. She loves Jesus.

Stacie Maze, you're my dream come true. I love you with all my heart.
Thank you for being an excellent wife and the truest of friends. You're my hero.


Here's a song I wrote while we were dating - about spending the rest of my life with Stacie Stokley.
Happy Valentines Day!

Posted by Josh Maze at 9:00 AM