I listen to a lot of music. 
I listen to a lot of different music.
I listen to a lot of Beatles.
Here are six things I listened to in October that weren't the Beatles.

This record is fantastic. I bought for a weekend get-a-way to the Shack Up Inn (MS Delta).
It came out on Stax - which was really impressive.
I was standing in the lobby of the Shack Up Inn talking to one of the employees.
I said "You guys are always playing music in the lobby, here... you should really consider playing "Get Up!" by Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite. It sounds like Clarksdale. It sounds like this place."

"The dude stepped to the front door... pointed across a big cotton field... and said:
You see that old house over there? That's Charlie's Place." 

My jaw hit the floor. I apologized... and went to dinner.

I'm fascinated with Australia Surf - Post 'Jet' - Skinny Jean - Dirty - Raw - Rock N Roll.
The Delta Riggs do it right. Dirty enough. Hooky enough. 

STARSYSTEM is Robert Schwartzman.
Robert Schwartzman was the lead singer of Rooney.
Robert Schwartzman is Jason Schwartzman's brother.
Robert Schwartzman was "Michael" in the Princess Diaries.

Robert Schwartzman is a pop genius.
I absolutely love his solo record, Double Capricorn.
This just released - and I absolutely love it too. 

Get it here - Pay what you want.

I love Jeremy Horn.
He's the Worship Pastor at Christ the Rock here in Memphis.
He's also an Ardent Artist. He just did this live / studio record called "No Other Love"

It's awesome. A bunch of my friends worked on it - it's so fresh. So good.

I'm also really stoked to have co-written a song on it - "Your Glory is my Fire"
YGIMF was also on Highpoint's last record "Live to Love
They more than did it justice - they owned it! Super proud of Jeremy & the guys!

Get this record when it drops!

Right out of midtown Memphis - Goner's own: Ex Cult.
It's super dirty - super raw. It really hits a nerve in me... in a good way.

When I own a restaurant and/or t-shirt shop in midtown, this record will play a lot.

Don't get this record online.
Do yourself a favor. Drive to Cooper Young - and buy a hard copy. 
Tell them "Josh sent me." - They have absolutely no idea who I am.

Alexander Fairchild is Nathan Finochio.

When he's not writing music with his brother as The Royal Royal, he's writing this GOLD.
It's probably going to be the thing I continue to listen to the most in November.
You're up - you're down - you're falling in love - you're missing her - you're having a party - you're in NYC...

It's so good. It's clean. It's smart. It's fresh. It's full of hooks and melody.

Nathan is rapidly taking his place on my short list of people who
deserve to clean out Paul McCartney's bed pan.
Of course - yes. I'm still number 1.

+  +  +  +  +

Other things I listened to a lot in October:
Kings of Leon - Mechanical Bull, The Shouting Matches - Grownass Man, Lenny Kravitz - Mama Said, The Beatles - Revolver, Leagues - You Belong Here, Lorde - Pure Heroin, Phil Wickham - The Ascension, Father John Misty - Fear Fun, Charlie Mars - Blackberry Light, Wings - Rockshow, & Drake - Nothing was the Same

Posted by Josh Maze at 3:35 PM