Ladies and Gentlemen. It's that time again.

I need you. Yes, you. I'm not looking for the 17 best singers at Highpoint. No. I'm looking for 40 all out... full on... ready to go worshippers. Sure, it'd help if you could at least carry a tune... but there is no audition. Honestly, the bar is pretty low. I'm looking for warm bodies who want to sing / worship LOUD. 

Who? You.

What? Christmas Choir (3 or 4 songs (including Little Drummer Boy))

When? Two Rehearsals - Wednesdays, December 12 & 19. 8:00 - 8:30PM (No HPKids)
One Sunday, December 23. Both Services :: 7AM - 12:05PM (HPKids from 8:30 - 12:05)

Where? 6000 Briarcrest Ave - Green Room & Auditorium

Why? Because we'd have to be crazy not to celebrate the birth of our Savior King.

(  P r a c t i c e  C D s  w i l l  b e  a v a i l a b l e  b e g i n n i n g  o n  S u n d a y  t h e  9 t h  )


What's next? Say "Yes." Put this on your calendar.
Email me and let me know that you are in.
Name, Email, & favorite Christmas movie to

Posted by Josh Maze at 1:51 PM