We at Highpoint have a very special setup with two great teachers/pastors. Lead Pastor, Chris Conlee and Teaching Pastor, Andy Savage share the platform on Sunday mornings in a really cool way. They alternate teaching series. What does that mean? One will do a series for 4/5 weeks, then the other will do one for 6/7, then 7/8, then 3/4... back and forth. This give us as the creative team time to brand and promote the upcoming series. Pastor Chris is currently wrapping up his Summer Series "The Next Christians." This means that come August, it'll be Andy's turn to preach. Andy recently read Andy Stanley's book "The Grace of God." In doing so, he was once again captivated by God's Grace and moved to the point where he wanted to do an entire Fall series on it. He told us about his experience in the book and asked us to put some creative behind it... 

This is the evolution of branding this series.

STEP 1  |  Naming the series

In many cases, Chris or Andy will already have a name in mind. Both of these men are very creative and very hands on in the branding process. In this particular case, Andy wanted our input on names. Here are 3 designs we put together around 3 different names.

This first concept was birthed knowing that this Fall would be Highpoint's 10th Anniversary. With Todd Agnew being there at the beginning, and this song being a key part of Highpoint in the early days, I thought it'd be special to revisit the theme and go with something like this...

Concept 1:

I then had the idea of sticking with the song title theme - How He Loves has also been a special song in the life of Highpoint. The line "If Grace is an ocean, we're all sinking" is a STRONG line, and I figured we could support it with some very strong imagery.

Concept 2:

Then, in the spirit of branding a song, I decided to go with the classic. This was a strong shot. I just had to add the text in the cloud and come up with a tag line. I love the joy on the kids face. Three very different brands... looks... feels...

Concept 3:

Andy then responded with the final name:

"AMAZING GRACE - The Story of God's Boundless Love"

STEP TWO  |  Branding the Official Name

Once Andy locked down the official name, he gave us some additional direction. It included really playing off the concept of "Boundless." Could we capture a moment of "Boundless?" He said that he'd really like to have a person in the photo... to capture the personal nature of God's Love. We struggled here not to go with what every other church would do. What is that you ask? Well... just Google "Amazing Grace Church Series" and...


So... knowing that's what we DIDN'T want to do, here are three concepts we came up with...

Concept 4:

Great photo. Clean text. Good colors. Easy.

Concept 5:

If Wes Anderson did branding for a church / only downside... no human touch. It definitely tells of God's Glory, but not sure it really brings it home or makes it personal (especially here in Memphis).

Concept 6:

Playing off of the photo that was the strongest in many ways from the previous round of concepts / only downside... could easily be taken as 'dark' or 'theatrical.'

Concept 7:

Our other staff designer (who is way better than me and just had a bit of spare time) David Tigrett took a stab at it. I really love this shot. It's very high quality, and captured what I believed everything we were looking for.

We got some feedback from Andy, and it still wasn't capturing the heart of the series. I love that he knows where he's going and what he's looking for. At this point, it would've been easy for him to just go with one, but instead of giving up and settling, he pushed us to dig deeper.

STEP THREE  |  Final Revisions with New Direction

Andy had a few ways he was phrasing his new direction... "broken chains, a cup overflowing, or an empty bird cage with an open door..." I immediately gravitated to the third option. I've seen so many series with chains and overflowing cups, but not with bird cages! Not to mention bird cages are hip... any J.Crew, Fossil, or Anthropologie at any given time is likely to have bird cages laying around, or adorned on necklaces/jewelry.

Here is the first concept with the new direction... 

Concept 8:

This one was pretty cartoony, but I loved the illustration, so we went for it.

Andy did some digging of his own and found this photo that he liked
I tweaked the photo and added some text and we locked down our final branding with...


Ladies and gentlemen, the official branding of Highpoint's August 2012 series "Amazing Grace"...

Bottom Line: Excellence for the Glory of God is beyond appropriate... it's worship.

Never settle for anything less than what The Lord wants it to be.
Trust your leadership. Always walk humbly. Do NOT get married to your ideas.
Remember art's role in storytelling: How can we best and most effectively/clearly communicate the Gospel?

If the Gospel is worth communicating (which it is), then it is worth communicating well.

Excited about the new series!! 

- Josh
Posted by Josh Maze at 12:44 PM