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My absolute favorite thing in the world is to be apart of the creative team at Highpoint Church. This team is STACKED with people who remind me so much of Jesus. Humble Servants. Lovers of Life. Generous Givers. Sacrificial Friends. Talented Creatives. This Sunday, we'll be re-releasing LIVE TO LOVE as a Deluxe Edition. In addition to the album re-release, we have officially launched: Check it out. Things are happening. Life is good. Read More
Posted by Josh Maze at Thursday, April 3, 2014


There is no doubt close to the Heart of God. So much respect for these guys. #surfmemphis Read More
Posted by Josh Maze at Saturday, December 14, 2013


Ladies and Gentlemen... Joe Urcavich. Not only is Joe one of my best friends in the world, but he is the backbone of our creative team/creative staff. Joe initially came on staff to be the "Connect Guy" but quickly realized that there were stories to be told. He put his "Yes." on God's table, and he's been our Media Director ever since. Here's the thing about most Camera Guys, Editors, Creatives, etc... You put them behind their camera or computer and BAM! Great... done... stay there...... Read More
Posted by Josh Maze at Thursday, December 13, 2012


BOTTOM LINE:  TERMINOLOGY AFFECTS OUR THEOLOGY. "Are you going to church this week?" "What time does worship start?" "Church was great yesterday!" "Our kids love the childcare at church!" I could go on and on with things I hear almost every single day. I'm not complaining. I promise. I'm not. But, I cringe a little every time I hear this stuff. It's not because I'm legalistic and want everyone to say the PERFECT THING. No way. I just think that if we really got down to it, this... Read More
Posted by Josh Maze at Tuesday, November 13, 2012


It's important to be inspired. That's probably the most important aspect of Social Media for me. If I do not position myself to be inspired by other art and artists,  then I'll find myself turning out the same junk over and over again.  It's also important to know what you like. Can you look at something - a painting, a sweater, a tea pot, a spool of yarn, or the shape of a lamp stand... and instantly... without thinking... know... this is my style.  Or... This is good.... Read More
Posted by Josh Maze at Thursday, November 1, 2012


This is Memphis. Only the Church can change this. Get on board. Read More
Posted by Josh Maze at Thursday, October 4, 2012