Let me start by clarifying that this is not a negative post. Actually, it's quite the opposite. It's a positive post! I'm a positive guy - and this post should only reflect that! I am not originally from Memphis, TN, but having lived here over 5 years now, it is home. I love it. I live in 38122. Yes, within the city limits of Memphis. Being a Pastor and a traveler, I meet people all the time - people from Memphis & people not from Memphis. It's often shocking and close to offensive when... Read More
Posted by Josh Maze at Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I love Highpoint Culture. One of the coolest things about coming to a service at Highpoint is the electricity in the air before a service. Do we have those days where things seems to be a bit sleepy or dreary? Sure. But 99% of the time, people are so excited to be there, and you can just sense in the room that there is expectation for God to move. While people are walking in to our services, we typically have fun music going in the room (Phoenix, Michael Jackson, Young & Free, etc...) and... Read More
Posted by Josh Maze at Wednesday, June 4, 2014