The Branding for a new series from Teaching Pastor, Andy Savage called: We landed with this artwork based on the scriptural image of a cup running over. But first, we tried these brands:                   I like where we ended up. In order to create the tension during the service after the music worship / before the message, we use a 60 - 90 second bumper video that captures the theme of the series. This specific bumper trails... Read More
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When I was in High School, I wanted to BE Jon Foreman. Now, I'm completely cool with being Josh Maze, but at 16, Jon Foreman ain't too shabby of a role model. He's a brilliant artist, lover, theologian, surfer, writer, author, showman, etc... I just love it when he talks about Jesus. This interview isn't that meaty - but it's cool. I am really enjoying the latest Switchfoot album & documentary. C h e c k    i t    o u t . Read More
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One of my favorite things about Highpoint is the way we do baptism. There are so many special aspects to our Going Public Process. For an in depth "Inside Look" at this fantastic process, check this out! Read More
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I'm ready for Summer. Read More
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The list of reasons why I love this is too long and complex to blog. I'll just say this: This is close to perfect. Kravitz doing a Beatles Tribute on Letterman?? Unbelievable. Read More
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