Chuck Bolton: HEAVEN

Man. I love Chuck so much. So grateful for his testimony & ministry here at Highpoint. Also, so grateful for the way he and Michelle have loved my wife & I. Ladies and Gentlemen... Heroes with perspective! Check it out. Read More
Posted by Josh Maze at Monday, January 20, 2014


1. Life can get complex fast. If you don't weed out the unnecessary once in awhile, you'll find yourself swamped in the urgent and meaningless with no time for the important and significant. This is the American way. I'll be applying Stephen Covey's 4 Quadrants more than ever. Q1 is rare and unavoidable. I will strategically use Q4 to minimize stress, avoid/delegate Q3, and live in my strengths in Q2.  Q2, this year, is the year of song writing. 2. Staying inspired is hard. I'm... Read More
Posted by Josh Maze at Thursday, January 9, 2014