Here we are. 2013. Aren't we supposed to have hover-boards by now? Here's the deal: People have all sorts of opinions about New Years Resolutions. If you love them, fine. If you don't, fine. Here's what I would encourage you to consider. By the time Thomas Edison died, he had 1,368 separate and distinct patents. Let's say he failed at each of those 1000 times, (It's reported he failed at the light bulb about 10,000 times) well... that would put him at a grand total of failing 1,368,000... Read More
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EMMANUEL :: LIVE 2012 Special thanks to everyone who made this happen.  It's a privilege and joy to serve on this Creative Team. Merry Christmas! LOVE WORKS. Read More
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Ladies and Gentlemen... Joe Urcavich. Not only is Joe one of my best friends in the world, but he is the backbone of our creative team/creative staff. Joe initially came on staff to be the "Connect Guy" but quickly realized that there were stories to be told. He put his "Yes." on God's table, and he's been our Media Director ever since. Here's the thing about most Camera Guys, Editors, Creatives, etc... You put them behind their camera or computer and BAM! Great... done... stay there...... Read More
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