GOOD FRIDAY :: Short Films

This year at our Good Friday Digital Experience, we aimed to tell the story of the cross from Genesis 1:1 all the way to Calvary. This led us down many different roads for several months. After hundreds of hours of hard work from a dozen different people, these are the 4 short films that we ended up with. We pray these films would help you experience the cross in a fresh way. Enjoy.

ACT I :: Paradise

ACT II :: The Promise

ACT III :: Passover

ACT IV :: The Promise Pt. 2

Huge thanks to Chris Conlee, Andy Savage, Joe Urcavich, David Tigrett, Azod Abedikichi, Chris Harris, Wes Sisk, Jeff Rosenblum, Steve & Kurt Anderson, the entire Conley Family, Seth McCay, Savannah Thomas, Lisa Ford, Richard Williams, Mark Caballero, Lauren Hodges, Kyle Taylor, Crazy Noodle, Memphis Pizza Cafe, The Rangers at Shelby Forest, Jason Bendall, & Zane Jr. (The Snake).

Posted by Josh Maze at 5:52 PM