This will probably be the best post on my blog all year.

This is Elizabeth Gilbert. She wrote Eat. Pray. Love. I don't think she is a Christian, but I celebrate the message in her. I LOVE how our God doesn't just give creativity to us Christians. This world is full of people who God has chosen to represent Him \ Even though they don't know it. This is a FASCINATING talk on being a creative. If you are a musician, photographer, writer, or artist of any kind. This is a MUST watch. But I want to add a note to her 20 min. The GIVER of CREATIVITY is The Great I AM. Do not be deceived. It's for His Glory... So Get aboard. Strap in. Pay attention. Never stop creating. God wants to use you. 

Pray with me as we are in the studio that this record would be a Glimpse of Heaven. Pray with me daily for Holy Creativity. It's not enough to be relevant. I want to be a revolutionary. I want to sing a NEW SONG. I want to breathe a FRESH WIND. I want to dance a NEW DANCE. 

Posted by Josh Maze at 8:02 PM