My wife's love language is gift giving. She loves giving gifts and receiving gifts.
I've noticed that I've become the guy in several of my friends lives that say...
"Josh! __________ is right around the corner! What should I get her?"
I love this question because gift giving is an art... no... science... no... art...

Giving the right gift means you have to keep your ears and eyes open year round. About 6 months ago, my wife and I went on a weekend getaway to Clarksdale, MS. We love the history of the Delta and try to get down there every chance we get. We specifically love a little place called the 'Shack Up Inn.' It has so much character. It's a GREAT place to go for a couple days. Check out their website HERE. While we were in Clarksdale, we were eating/hanging out downtown. While walking around downtown, we ran into a really cool art gallery. Before we even stepped through the door, we saw her. She was hanging on the 20ft brick wall - staring out the window into the city street. 

Stace has been a huge Marilyn fan since she was a little girl. When we started dating, I didn't understand it... but as I've grown in my love for Stacie, I've grown in my love for both Marilyn's art and Stacie's love of Marilyn's art. Needless to say... You'd had to be a bozo to not realize that Stace fell in love with that painting. It was all she talked about after that for a month.

The artist's name is Chris Keywood. He's originally from Clarksdale, but grew up most of his life in LA and Seattle. This was the first piece he did in the stencil / Banksy / Shepard Fairey style. He did a great job for his first one! I reserved this piece a few months ago when I knew I wanted to get it for Stace... Since then he's had a ton of offers for it. I'm so glad I had the forethought to reserve it! 

The bottom line for me was - Art appreciate... and instead of contributing to some major corporation like Marc Jacobs or Target or Anthropologie, I wanted to support local, QUALITY art. Not only did this make Stacie's Christmas, but I'm sure the money didn't hurt the artist's feelings at all. Someone once told me... you know the ONE rule of buying art? Never buy a piece that you don't HAVE to have. Stacie would never in a million years say that she had to have this... but I HAD to get this for Stacie - So it all worked out! 

Merry Christmas.

Posted by Josh Maze at 4:29 PM