Ok. Here it is. The official first blog post. Why?

1 | People matter. Staying connected to people matters. Communication matters. The number one reason I'm excited about this blog is having a unique avenue to stay connected with friends, worship leaders, pastors, creatives, & YOU. One of the coolest features of this blog is the comments button to the right. If you ever want to respond to one of my posts with a thought, question, comment or concern... GO FOR IT. This is not just my opportunity to share my thoughts - it's YOUR'S TOO.

2 | Being a Christian isn't easy, and being a Christian alone is close to impossible. There are only so many hours in our busy lives, and instead of all of us going to coffee together every week to share what God is doing in our lives, I'm going to post it on here... and you will have the freedom to comment and share the stories - the highs and lows - about what The Lord is doing! It's crucial that we pray for each other, sing over each other, point each other to scripture, and share the LOVE.

3 | The black bar. I'm super excited about having an organized schedule and booking option on this site. People are always asking when I'm available or when the next time I'm leading worship is... well... JOSHMAZE.COM. Easy. Also, if you're interested in having me in to lead worship, entertain, creative direct, or shoot your event - there is a fool proof booking tab now that will put you directly in touch with the people that can make that happen. ALSO - notice the store tab. It's currently being populated, but right around the corner, you'll be able to buy all kinds of stuff! 

4 | Inspiration. It's because of people like Martin Smith, Matt Redman, Joel Houston, Nathan Finochio, and Tim Hughes that I'm the worship leader & creative that I am. There is something really special about having the ability to inspire and be inspired. Soon I'll blog about my favorite blogs - but for now, just know that I'm gonna do my best to inspire you and point you to others who can inspire both of us!

5 | We all have ideas. We were created by the Creator to create. I have to confess that I've been a bad steward of so many God / Good ideas. No more. If they come, they're going on here. Give me the freedom to fail, mess up, go too far. I'm moving forward, and The Spirit inside of me won't slow down. Things may get messy... but it'll always be fun. Look forward to seeing design, photography, songs, essays, poems, fashion, videography, beauty, nature... all through the lens of the Cross. Jesus is King! Amen?

Posted by Josh Maze at 5:08 PM