Worship Pastor
Highpoint Church  |  Memphis, TN
highpointmemphis.com * highpointworship.com

Instagram : @joshmaze
Facebook : @joshmaze

Here is everything you need to know about me.

I live for the Glory of our King, Jesus.
I fell in love at a very early age with The Lord, The Church, Rock n Roll, and Life.
Life is meant to be lived. People are meant to be loved. Love is a verb.

I'm married to my 2nd favorite person to ever walk the Earth.
My Sunshine... Stacie Maze.
I deeply enjoy music, travel, art, food, film, and family.

I grew up the son of a pastor in Jackson, MS.
I started playing in rock bands when I was in the 8th grade. I thought that's what I wanted.
At Mississippi College, The Lord clearly spoke to me that the local church is my home, & my job is to write songs for her.

The most important moment of my week is leading corporate music worship at Highpoint Church every Sunday.
There's literally nothing I'd rather be doing, and no where else I'd rather be doing it.

For me, it's not enough to be relevant.
If you’re relevant, that means someone’s already gotten there first.
I want to be a revolutionary. I want to be a history maker.

I'm convinced the previous statement is an example of the kind of things you say when you have the Spirit inside of you.



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