If you and I were having coffee, I'd probably tell the story this way...

My Mom & Dad met when my Mom auditioned for my Dad's band in the 70's.
He didn't need another soprano, but he thought "she was hot..." so he hired her.
They took a break from college, got a bus, & went all over the country with drums, basses, electric guitars, mustaches, & flare jeans.
But for this band, their tour spots weren't clubs and festivals. No. Instead, they would pack out churches. 

Churches full of people who they desperately wanted to:
A: Convince that Jesus is worthy of their worship.
B: Teach and show why and how to worship Jesus Christ.
C: See meet with Jesus, hear from Jesus, & respond to Jesus.

I come from a family of pioneers.

Kathy, my Mom, says that when she was pregnant with me, she'd be singing in the church choir...
And I would kick on beat.

I've never known my mom to lie. 

My dad was a legendary youth minster in the deep & dirty south.
He then became a brave and daring young church planter.
It was a family affair. We always had a project on the horizon.
Recording an album... starting a summer camp... it was fast & furious ministry.
Anything was possible.

Gary, my father, then helped Louie and Shelley Giglio start the Passion movement.
He assisted in the writing of the 268 declaration & was in an elite group of a few special men that can say they were the first community group leaders at a Passion Conference. We did that for years. I was the 10 year old in the green room eating nachos in between John Piper and Charlie Hall. My childhood was weird.

I started bands. I thought I wanted to be the next Lenny Kravitz, Paul McCartney, or Jon Foreman...
But as I delighted myself in The Lord, He began to give me the desires of my heart.
New desires. Deep desires for His Glory and His Church.

I started leading worship at a young age.
I'll never forget seeing Martin Smith & Delirious on a WOW vhs tape... thinking...
"Okay... THAT is what I want to do with my life."

I surrendered to the ministry. I led. I travelled. I wrote. I led some more.
In 2009, Highpoint Church in Memphis, TN was looking for a worship leader.
I was looking for a church and a city where I could plant some roots.
It was a match made in Heaven. Highpoint was ready for me, & I was ready for Highpoint.

It's hard to believe that this has now been over 10 years of my life...
Leading worship, pastoring people, building culture, building teams, creating environments, writing songs, recording and releasing projects, and seeing thousands upon thousands of people meet with Jesus, hear from Jesus, & respond to Jesus.
This decade in Memphis has been a thrilling adventure.
This church is special.
This team is world class. 

There is much much more I could say... but I'll leave it at this: